More than 20 years after our establishment, we are the perfect synthesis of the skills and cultures of our group. Considered one of the most active system integrators on the Italian, open-source scene, we create innovative and customized solutions and offer high-profile professional services aimed at Large Enterprises, SMEs and the Public Sector.

Our competence centers, distributed between Milan and Rome (as well as the coworking centers of Pistoia and Pomezia) specialize in IT infrastructure, cloud enablement, vertical applications for the financial market, industry 4.0, business intelligence, compliance, training, and many other areas.

Our origins lie in the development of the first large IT infrastructure and the first innovative online services in Italy. Over the years, we have synthesized these experiences, creating tailor-made solutions for our target markets and carefully cultivating our primary asset: human capital.



Acting as a system integrator, Par-Tec helps Italian companies create modern, efficient and secure digital services by providing them with technology solutions, professional services and training of the highest quality.


Our goal is to become the preferred partner of the Italian IT market, through technological innovation and the cultivation of talent.


Company Profile

Our brochure offers a complete overview of the company, along with our range of products, solutions, services and partnerships.

Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics outlines the general principles that guide the conduct and decision-making of our employees and collaborators.


Executive Board

Alessandro Benini
Alessandro BeniniChairman, Chief Operating Officer - Business Unit Milan
Ivano Tortolini
Ivano TortoliniChief Operating Officer - Business Unit Rome
Chiara Stoppa
Chiara StoppaChief Financial Officer
Mauro Bernardini
Mauro BernardiniProjects & Solutions Manager - Business Unit Milan
Claudio Buffo
Claudio BuffoProjects & Solutions Manager - Business Unit Milan
Salvatore Oranges
Salvatore OrangesCompetence Center Manager - Business Unit Rome
Tommaso Vianello
Tommaso VianelloBoard member

General Affairs

Laura Di Sabantonio
Laura Di SabantonioHuman Resources Manager


Riccardo Fiano
Riccardo FianoSales Manager - Business Unit Rome
Aronne Vettor
Aronne VettorSales Manager - Business Unit Milan

Delivery & Accounting

Andrea Amistadi
Andrea AmistadiCompetence Center Manager – Business Unit Rome
Luigi Balestrini
Luigi BalestriniProjects & Solutions Manager - Business Unit Milan