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Setting up a Certified Email service is not just a technical matter. For this reason, our team provides tools and qualified support throughout the entire process: from the accreditation procedures as a Certified Email provider, up to the complete interoperability of the service and compliance with all legal regulations. Our team will also take care of documenting all operations and writing the operating manual.



The MW:PEC solution includes all the tools necessary to meet the requirements for a Certified Email provider:

  • PKCS#10 request generation tool for registration in the AgID register
  • Integration with devices for signatures and encryption (HSM)
  • Integration with a Time Stamping Authority, time stamping of logs and the legally-compliant archiving of documents
  • Automatic publication and synchronization of information contained in the index of AgID trusted providers
  • Statistical tools to monitor the functioning of the service and the verification of the expected SLAs


MW:PEC integrates seamlessly with the most common signature and encryption devices (HSM) and with the customer’s internal time-stamping service, as required by the AgID security specifications.

The system performs thorough checks on the integrity of messages, ensuring that the sender and recipient both belong to a certified domain. Each sent message is legally certified and the system keeps a record of all operations carried out.

The system integrates with a database capable of recording and storing all the information necessary to comply with AgID regulations: from the automatic timestamping of logs to the legally-compliant archiving of documents.


Logo Sophos

MW:PEC uses Sophos to check for viruses and spam, protecting Certified Email messages in compliance with AgID specifications.

The Email Security & Control Sophos PureMessage software is a powerful antivirus / antispam capable of performing in-depth checks on all messages entering and leaving the system. Thanks to its flexibility, this tool facilitates adherence to the strict security specifications of the Certified Email. The software includes a database where suspicious messages are quarantined and their attachments are deleted.


The MW:PEC solution includes Mailware Manager, a web application created to facilitate the management of user databases, domains and other information constantly synchronized with AgID services.

The system supports a multi-domain service and offers the possibility to delegate and decentralize the management of domains. Different classes of service also allow you to personalize the system, meeting the needs of different users.

Statistical tools are also available, to constantly monitor the correct functioning of the Certified Email service and compliance with the SLAs.


Open Source

The hardware and software of Par-Tec’s solutions are multi-vendor, guaranteeing the highest level of decision-making autonomy. More specifically, MW:PEC is composed of a mix of mature and stable open-source components, along with specific components linked to the Certified Email service. Thanks to these open-source technologies, MW:PEC is compatible with applications already in use, allowing for the easy and safe adoption of new services.