To increase the security of systems and information, it’s not enough to buy a new firewall. One must also ensure compliance with current regulations, consider adopting international best practices, and correctly define roles, responsibilities and skills within an organization. These are just some of the consulting activities managed by our Privacy & Compliance Competence Center.


Did you know that the weakest link in your security perimeter is always the user? Proper management of the life cycle of digital identities (from defining roles and permissions to monitoring the activities of privileged users) allows for regulatory compliance as well as full access control: including the control of internal and external collaborators, and the control of data in on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments.


Products also comprise an important part of security. For this reason, we have selected the best-of-breed technologies to offer you synchronized protection of your networks, servers and, above all, endpoints (desktop and mobile, corporate and personal). In an environment made up of increasingly delocalized and distributed architectures, this approach will allow you to reduce your exposure to attacks and limit the damage incurred by even the most modern attack techniques.


In an era marked by the spread of malware and the growing threat of data breaches, it is essential to coordinate policies, behaviors and technologies to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data during all stages of processing. Our experts can help you find and deploy the best tools for the collection, archiving and auditing of data and events. They can also assist you with encrypting critical data and with setting up effective governance.