The Suite That Has Enabled Online Trading in Italy for 20 Years


The MFI TOL platform allows you to create a complete and modular online trading service. Suitable for both retail and professional users, MFI TOL integrates market data and information from Info and Market Data Providers with your own legacy system.

MFI TOL is a complete, modular and scalable solution that includes applications ranging from connection systems for trading venues, to web applications and the management of users’ securities accounts.

Our customers are primarily banks and brokerage companies that would like to offer their clientele a web-based trading system.


  • Multi Bank: allows the service to be provided to several organizations within the same group
  • Multi Provider: works with multiple financial data providers
  • Multi Market: works with multiple brokerage companies (domestic and international markets) through direct connections (FIX and RITD circuits)
  • Multi Channel: available as a web-based front-end, a mobile app for Apple and Android devices, and a desktop application for professional users
  • Multi Language: front-end may be customized to include the languages chosen by the customer
  • Multi Category: allows banks to provide trading services to both retail and professional users
  • Modular: allows for the creation of simple (synchronous with the back-office) or complex solutions (in which position management renders the platform unaffected by the performance of legacy systems)
  • Integrable: offers open interfaces that can be used by third-party applications

Discover the suite that enables online trading



Centralized Infrastructure for Market Data Feeds

MFI Service Broker is a back-end solution that allows you to integrate data generated by different information channels. It is a powerful in-memory cache that specializes in processing market data, and is able to ensure the best performance and to optimize infrastructure management.

Thanks to the use of specialized adapters, MFI Service Broker allows you to abstract information and service providers, hiding them from the people managing the final applications.

In addition, MFI Service Broker provides advanced tools for access to data and graphs in pull and push mode, managing both financial information and various information providers in a centralized and homogeneous manner.


MFI Service Broker represents a strategic choice because:

  • It allows you to take the reins, designing how you would like to offer financial information services to your customers. Rather than simply being a product, it can become a corporate asset, ensuring that all the know-how for the development of applications remains within your organization.
  • It allows you to design applications that will no longer be influenced by the specific data source, the type of data, or any other technical constraints. This allows your organization to make informed, long-term choices.
  • It guarantees freedom and ease in building new applications and new business tools with low development costs: the skills acquired in working with this platform become an asset for the future evolution of your services.
  • It allows you to integrate information from internal bank sources, such as articles or other editorial content.
  • It allows for the optimization of the organizational structure, the reduction of management costs, and the implementation of disaster recovery policies.