From the first online trading platform in Italy (1998), through the first multi-provider client dedicated to power traders (2001), to the first iPad app dedicated to online trading (2011), we have synthesized 20 years of experience into the MFI TOL suite. A reference software for financial institutions across Italy, MFI TOL is a modular, complete platform that can be integrated with any proprietary info provider as well as any back-end, providing the user with the ultimate on-line trading experience.


In an increasingly digital world, winning new customers and retaining existing ones requires offering the best banking and trading experience. Let yourself be advised by our team of experts – the same team that developed the first banking and trading client in Italy and that now specializes in front-ends for smartphones and tablets with native, hybrid and web-based technology.

What unites online trading, smart contracts and industry 4.0?



Do you need to manage information flows from major info providers – Infront, Reuters, ICE Data Services, and Radiocor (Il Sole 24 ORE)? Do you need to distribute that information in real time to an internet front-end? MFI Service Broker is the platform for you. Created to overcome the proliferation of incompatible proprietary systems, this MDDS (Market Data Delivery System) platform is used by leading Italian banks to offer constantly-updated information to their customers.


How can you guarantee the quality of processes and software products without slowing down the frequent releases that characterize recent development models? Our team of ISTQB-certified specialists can help you identify the strategies and solutions best suited to your needs. A mix of experience, industry-standard methodologies and cutting-edge tools allows us to design and manage the entire life cycle of tests and implement the most modern test-automation techniques.