The Par-Tec Control Center (PCC) is our answer to the growing need for flexibility in the monitoring, management and troubleshooting of IT service delivery platforms and business processes. It is a shared control room comprising different skills and levels of specialization that allows us to better address heterogeneous problems in a wide range of businesses. The PCC offers remote monitoring services with two levels of support, including customized SLAs and hourly coverage.


The Level 1 Support Team constantly checks the status of systems and services, either through our own system & network management tools, or those made available by the customer (the team can also, alternatively, make scheduled checks). When they encounter a problem, they intervene first by entering all the details in the ticketing system, then by carrying out the first-aid procedures defined by the engineering team. If these procedures are ineffective, the Level 1 Support team quickly collects any useful information (for a better diagnosis) and immediately activates the second level of support.


The Level 2 Support Team takes charge of a problem (starting from a Service Desk report) by intervening directly on the various systems and determining the possible causes. Then, they either remove the root problem or find a workaround that guarantees the stable functioning of all systems. Their corrective actions might include the reconfiguration of a piece of software, the application of a patch or a more detailed intervention culminating in the restoration of a system from a backup.

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Hourly Coverage

The service is available during normal office hours, in 24×7 mode or in a customized time frame. The Service Desk (first level of support) can be easily contacted via web (through the trouble ticketing system), email or phone.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The service is offered at three distinct levels – Standard, Premium or Custom – with different hourly coverage and different time frames for first response, first-aid activities and analysis of anomalies.

Areas of Intervention

Our team has the expertise to support all Par-Tec projects and solutions as well as a subset of third-party technologies. Following the service-activation process, which includes collecting information on platforms and products, as well as verifying the environment, we can also extend support to pre-existing services and processes.

Tools and Reporting

Both levels of support can operate directly on the customer’s ticketing and monitoring systems. The service may also include the supply, installation and use of other ticketing systems, as well as solutions for monitoring business processes and the performance of applications.